DHS Eagle

Contract Number: HSHQDC-06-D-0065

Please contact us if you have challenges that need to be solved. We'll be glad to listen and offer advice based on decades of experience and familiarity with the context in which you can succeed.

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Team Coordinator POC:
Janey Nodeen, President
Phone: 703-941-0600
Email: jnodeen@bcinow.com

IDIQ Contracts POC:
Tom Nodeen, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 703-941-0600
Email: tnodeen@bcinow.com

Customer Satisfaction POC:
Janey Nodeen, President
Phone: 703-941-0600
Email: jnodeen@bcinow.com

Mailing Address:
Burke Consortium, Incorporated
5500 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22312

Phone: 703-941-0600
Fax: 703-941-0704

Past Performance

Functional Category 3

  • TSA, Transportation Security Laboratory, Cargo Supply Chain Integrity Technology Systems Engineering, Test, and Evaluation
  • DHS Resource Management Transformation Office, Independent Verification and Validation Services
  • FEMA, Information System Security Officer Support
  • ICE SEVIS II, Independent Verification and Validation Services
  • DHS Office of Chief Procurement Officer, Acquisition Systems Branch, Information System Security Officer Support
  • DHS Office of Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services Office, Independent Verification and Validation Services
  • USCIS Information Security Division, Certification and Accreditation Services and Independent Security Testing Services

Quality Assurance

We earn the confidence of our clients through our obsession with quality. Quality is a core value of our company, defined as: We are committed to excellence. We deliver products and services to clients that are correct, accurate, and complete the first time and every time. We build quality into each product from the beginning using our International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000:2000 level quality management methods combined with our Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model (SEI CMM) Level III development processes, procedures and checklists. As part of our quality review processes, the Burke Consortium Chief Operating Officer (COO) along with the design, development and testing teams, review and certify all software products prior to product delivery and launch. Development and certification processes, modeled after those used for nuclear submarines and recently transferred to NASA's space shuttle program, have been instrumental in ensuring that none of the products we developed have ever experienced an operational failure. We capture and apply lessons learned and best practices to ensure that each new software product developed is successively better than the last.

Teaming Partner

No new task orders are being issued under the EAGLE contract at this time. There are no new teaming opportunities available for industry. Our current team members are URS Apptis, DRC Kadix, SMS Data Products, Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions, Marchelle Consulting, and Phoenix Data Security, Inc.